CBD Mints


Our CBD Mints are a great all-day treat, helping you kick-start your morning, wind-down your evening, and tackle everything in between. Each refreshing mint is powered with 10mg of pure CBD.

These CBD Mints are the finest tincture alternative!

  1. Sublingual & Edible Absorption
  2. Tasty + No Oil Under the Tongue
  3. Fast Acting Nano CBD Isolate
  4. Accurate and Easy Dosing

10mg. of CBD per Mint.

Containers are a 50 pack. – 500mg of CBD per container.

Third-Party Lab Tested 0% THC

Ingredients: Hemp Oil Extract (CBD Oil), Sorbitol, Natural and artificial flavors, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, Stevia.

All products are registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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25pk, 50pk

Portable & Discreet

Bring wellness with you. Our CBD infused mints make it easy to kick back and relax, wherever you are. No matter the time, the setting, or your anxieties, you’re a tablet away from peppermint calm.

People all over the nation know the effect CBD edibles have on anxiety. Find out what they experience with lab-tested, full-spectrum CBD mints from Utah Cannabis Co. Not a peppermint fan? Try our CBD Gummies for the same controlled dose of calm you can take anywhere. No matter your lifestyle, we have the CBD product to change your day.

Precise Dosing

Utah Cannabis Co realized two things. First, more and more people are turning to sublingual CBD oil tinctures to fight daily stress. Second, the droppers in tinctures are difficult to measure precisely. Enter the Utah Cannabis Co CBD mints. Get a precise dose of 10mg with every mint. Only looking for a 5mg CBD dose? Cut a mint in two. Get the exact potency you need for your day, without any guesswork. Our CBD mints are lab-tested to ensure they are full-spectrum, THC free, and consistently the highest quality. Get the diverse benefits of the hemp plant in a perfectly dosed tablet.

Full Spectrum CBD

Get the widest array of benefits from the hemp flower with certified full spectrum CBD. Lab tests demonstrate the full array of cannabinoids and organic terpenes, unlocking the power of the hemp plant through concentrated CBD oil. The CBD extract process we use results in nano CBD isolate, which acts fast to bring you calm when you need it. Before you turn to prescription medication, see the effect (and fresh breath) you can experience with our lab-certified mints.

Natural Flavor

We are hemp experts. Our wide variety and deep knowledge of hemp strains lets us use only the finest hemp flowers for our extracts. Get the full force of natural herbs, from the hemp flower to the peppermint flavor, all in a THC free tablet. See how the botanical power of the CBD flower can bring calm to your everyday anxiety.


No. Our CBD mints are certified 0% THC, the chemical which causes the “high” most people associate with cannabis plants.

CBD mints usually take effect between 20-45 minutes after ingestion. Depending on how much you take, it can last up to 7 hours.

We recommend starting with just one or two, but there are usually no negative side effects from taking more.

CBD can be very helpful with nausea. Some research has indicated that cannabinoids, which are found in cbd mints, may be effective for nausea and upset stomachs.

Usually, no. Some report the occasional dry mouth and fatigue.

Of course! The benefit of mints is the sublingual (under the tongue) absorption, which causes compounds to absorb and act more quickly in the body. We also offer CBD gummies, which will absorb through the stomach (edible absorption). If edible CBD doesn’t act quickly enough for you, our CBD vapes may be the solution you’re looking for.


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