Rechargeable Cartridge Battery


Rechargeable Cartridge Battery

510 Thread

Micro USB Charger Included – 290 mAh

Adjustable Output Voltage 3.6V – 3.8V – 4.0V

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For more details on how to use the rechargeable cartridge battery, see our Vape Pens Kit Page.

Rechargeable Cartridge Battery

Welcome to the new era of vaping experience – a blend of convenience, economy, and sustainability with our rechargeable cartridge battery. Crafted specifically for your vaping needs, this cartridge battery is the powerhouse behind your vaping sessions, ensuring an uninterrupted, fulfilling experience.

Benefits of Rechargeable Cartridge Battery

Switching to our rechargeable cartridge battery not only optimizes your vaping sessions but also brings a level of cost-effectiveness by reducing the necessity of constant replacements. Additionally, its reusability is an environmentally responsible choice, allowing you to contribute to reducing electronic waste and supporting a greener future.

Utah Cannabis Co’s Rechargeable Cartridge Battery

Our rechargeable cartridge battery boasts a compact, sleek design that perfectly encapsulates Utah Cannabis Co’s commitment to high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products. Equipped with a 510 thread and a 290 mAh micro USB charger included, our battery assures long-lasting power for all your vaping needs. Plus, its adjustable output voltage (3.6V – 3.8V – 4.0V) allows you to customize your vaping experience to your preferences.

Pairing the Rechargeable Cartridge Battery with Utah Cannabis Co’s Vape Pens

When combined with our full-spectrum CBD disposable vape pens, our rechargeable cartridge battery ensures a seamless and potent vaping experience. The battery’s powerful performance perfectly complements the rich flavors and full spectrum of our premium CBD oil, delivering a vaping experience that is unrivaled in its quality and intensity.

Get Yours Today

Choose our rechargeable cartridge battery for a robust and consistent vaping experience. Step into the world of premium quality, sustainability, and advanced technology with Utah Cannabis Co. Order your rechargeable cartridge battery today and discover the ultimate in vaping pleasure.


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