Brand Ambassador

Interested in becoming a Utah Cannabis Co. brand ambassador?

Utah Cannabis Co. is looking for individuals to help spread the word of our amazing products and inform everyone about cannabis!

What does a successful Ambassador do?

  • Help spread the UTCC vision to the people of UTAH!
  • Drive users to our website
  • Increase our Social Media Presence

Expectation of a UTCC Brand Ambassador?

  • All of your Social Media Bios MUST have Utah Cannabis Co. in it.
  • Post at least 1 picture and 1 video a month promoting Utah Cannabis Co. on any of your Social media platforms.
  • You can’t be an ambassador or representative of any other company that sells CBD.
  • Receive an ambassador starter pack. (How can you promote a product you’ve never had?)

Ambassador Requirements

  • Ambassadors must be 18 or older and active on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even your own blog.

Keys to being a successful UTCC Brand Ambassador

  • Strong Social Media Presence
  • Great Networking Skills
  • Knowledge of the Cannabis industry and CBD
  • Involved in the a related area

Benefits of being a UTCC Ambassador

  • 25% Off All Personal Orders
  • Grow Followers
  • Become part of the UTCC Fam
  • Get Discounted Products
  • Make Money

Up To 20% Commission Having Others Use Your 10% off code!

Cancel anytime.


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