CBD Tinctures vs. Gummies: 4 Key Differences and Which You Should Use

CBD Gummies

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, a.k.a CBD, is a natural supplement that helps support your mind and body, specifically targeting your endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating and controlling crucial parts of your body, such as learning, memory, sleep, pain control, and inflammatory and immune responses.

CBD and THC are often confused or used interchangeably, but they are different. CBD doesn’t contain THC’s psychoactive properties but offers all the supportive benefits without getting you high. This means you can pop in one of our gummies while driving and stay completely sober. 

CBD Tinctures vs. Gummies

A CBD tincture is when a CBD mixture is extracted from a hemp plant and placed into a small drip bottle mixed with oil, usually coconut oil. You use CBD Tinctures by squeezing the liquid into the dropper from the bottle and placing it under your tongue for 60-90 seconds. 

We get CBD into our gummies by extracting it from a hemp plant resulting in nano CBD isolate that is then injected into our gummies, resulting in the best CBD gummies we can offer. 

User Experience

Using CBD tinctures creates a bitter taste in the mouth and makes your mouth feel oily, making you want to brush your teeth quickly after. It can also affect the taste of any food you consume thereafter.

The only real benefit to taking CBD through tinctures is the absorption speed, but even then, it’s not too significant when comparing it with CBD gummies.

Gummies are much more enjoyable and come with various delicious natural flavors. The gummies are effectively used as relaxants to help calm the nerves and reduce anxiety and stress.

They’re also very convenient to use when you’re on the go. Lastly, these gummies are effective in helping you get a good night’s rest by relaxing your body leading to faster and more restful sleep. 

Absorption Speed

Gummies are chewed and then swallowed, heading straight for the digestive system. The destination for CBD is the bloodstream; the CBD must pass through the digestive system and the liver before entering the bloodstream.

Because of this, the absorption doesn’t take effect until 30-60 minutes after ingestion, and if you’ve eaten a large meal right before ingesting a gummy, it could take up to 90 minutes. 

Tinctures are a bit faster than gummies but contain drawbacks that may not be worth the speed.

By placing the CBD oil under your tongue, the mucus membrane in your mouth absorbs the CBD, bypassing the need to go through the digestive system and the liver resulting in faster absorption. The CBD tinctures usually take effect around 20-60 minutes.

CBD Gummies

Dosage Control 

Our CBD gummies have 30mg of CBD per gummy; if that’s too much, you can easily cut or rip a gummy in half to receive half the dosage. 

CBD tincture can vary in the amount of dosage depending on the brand or type of product. Tinctures range from low potency of 15mg to a high potency of 50mg.

The difference varies depending on how the product is made. Make sure to check the labels when considering purchasing CBD tinctures.


If at any time you start to feel anxious or your pesky back is beginning to ache while working at the office, you can easily pop one in your mouth and await the relief these gummies bring. 

CBD Tinctures are convenient because they are absorbed a bit faster than gummies.

Taking out a bottle of CBD tincture and applying it under your tongue is convenient only in specific situations/locations. If you’re on the go, finding an environment to apply the tincture may be difficult. 

Are Tinctures stronger than edibles?

Both tinctures and edibles are effective, but the real difference is how they’re processed and produced.

They both provide the same function and produce the same outcome; the difference between them is dosage and convenience.

Our gummies contain 30mg per gummy; some tinctures fall below that dosage or above, depending on the product.


Which is right for you? 

If you want CBD to kick in faster, then tinctures are right for you. Gummies are the way to go if you like more convenience, accurate dosage, and delicious flavor. Shop today and discover all we have to offer!  


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