How Long Does a CBD Vape Pen Last?

CBD is a great way to help with anxiety, stress, depression, and pain symptoms. Before investing in this product, it’s important to understand how you can get the most out of your purchase and what’s right for you. Whether it’s a disposable pen or a rechargeable pen, it’s essential to know how each of them functions. 

The longevity of CBD vape pens can vary with several factors, the size of the vape pen itself, how many seconds an individual draws/puffs, battery size, and the quality of the vape pen. 

The number of hits you can draw from a Disposable Vape

The number of hits can vary depending on the size of the disposable vape pen and the quantity of CBD in each pen. Each of our disposable vape pens contains 500mg of CBD. Our vape pens can last up to 250-300 hits, depending on the user. Some people can make it last longer by holding in each puff for between 3-6 seconds. By holding it in, you’re enabling yourself to get more of a hit from the single draw and feel the sensations CBD brings with fewer draws while taking fewer puffs. 

Our rechargeable vape pens contain 1000mg of CBD. This doubles the amount contained in our disposable vape pens resulting in an increase of puffs per pen to about 500-600 puffs total. Remember that the amount varies with each user and their experience, but this is the average puff for 1000mg of CBD. 

Reusable Vape Pen Components

Our reusable vape pens are made with high-quality material to ensure you get the most out of your CBD experience. Our pens are composed of 2 pieces; a durable, long-lasting battery and a vape cartridge containing top-notch CBD vape oil. There’s a ceramic coil inside the cartridge, where the best CBD distillate lies untouched by metal and other impurities. These vape pens are refillable and are capable of flavor swapping. We make it easy to use these cartridges; just charge the battery, screw on the cartridge, and in mere puffs, you’ll enjoy relaxing using the best CBD available on the market. 

Cartridge Size

Size can differ between different companies, but we make sure you’re getting the best cartridge available with our full spectrum 1000mg CBD concentrate cartridge, made to last. Our cartridges contain 1000mg of CBD oil produced through the highest quality distillation process and CO2 extraction. There are no additional ingredients; they’re 100% pure hemp distillate in an ingenious ceramic cartridge. 

All of our cartridges are 510 threads, the most common type of cartridge that comes with CBD oil. Having 510 threads makes them compatible with most vape batteries or vape pens. 

Battery Longevity

Knowing how long the battery will last is important, especially if you live a busy life and you’re always on the go. Nothing is worse than being stressed and grabbing your vape to calm your nerves, only to discover your battery is dead. Knowing how long your battery lasts can save you future heartache if it runs out. 

Coil Replacements

Some refillable pens need their coils replaced after a while. Your vape pen can’t function without a coil. The coil is like the vape pen’s heart; it affects your vape’s performance and function. When you should replace your vape coil depends on what type of vape user you are, ranging from light, medium, to heavy vape users. 

Light users vape users that only take a few hits a week typically should have their coils changed every 3-4 weeks. 

Medium users are people who vape smaller amounts of CBD daily or can go long without vaping. Usually, these people use CBD for certain circumstances that would put them in a situation of stress or discomfort where they could benefit from using CBD oil. Because of this, the coils aren’t subject to heating as often and would need to be replaced once every two weeks. 

Heavy users Those who vape every day and often throughout the day should change their coils weekly. 

The purpose of changing your coils is to help retain flavor and keep your vape kit working efficiently and correctly. 

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Just like most consumable products, CBD oil does have a shelf life. Like most products, an expiration date is a thing, and things do eventually go bad after some time. When it comes to CBD, it may not be the CBD extract that goes bad but the things that are mixed with it. Generally speaking, CBD is usually mixed with oil or gummies, has a shelf life, and is prone to losing potency and flavor over time. For example, CBD oil is sometimes mixed with coconut oil, and coconut oil, after 18 months, tends to break down and go rancid. There isn’t enough research to determine the shelf life of CBD, but depending on what you mix it with can determine how long the CBD oil will last. To ensure your CBD lasts the longest, avoid prolonged exposure to air, heat, and light. Long exposure to these elements can speed up the aging process leading to expiration. 

How Long Does CBD From a Vape Pen Last In My System?

Just like the number of puffs needed to feel the full effect of CBD, it depends on the person when determining how long CBD will stay in your system. CBD can stay in your system for as little as 14 hours to several weeks, depending on the dose and the person. Although you most likely won’t feel the effects for this amount of time, CBD can still linger in your system. Factors such as weight, body type, gender, potency, and your body’s reaction to CBD contribute to how long CBD stays in your system. 

Final Thoughts

Our vape pens are made with high-quality material and ingredients, ensuring you get the best out of your CBD vaping experience. Check out our products, and based on what you’ve learned, see what’s right for you. Shop now!


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