3 Ways CBD Oil Products Can Improve Your Life

Person Holding Hemp Plant

There are quite a few very good reasons that CBD products have become increasingly popular every year since they were first introduced to the commercial market. Ask five CBD users what they get out of the products, and you’ll likely get five different answers, but three of the most exciting and commonly cited are explained in further detail below. 

It is important to note that while the FDA has not approved CBD products for the treatment of any illness, what we will be presenting is what some private, third-party, and international research has suggested.  

Reported Improvement in Anxiety and Depression 

Rates of anxiety and depression are on the rise for people of all demographics. According to surveys and studies, up to 20% of adults in the US suffer from anxiety, depression, or both. There are a multitude of pharmacological treatment options available, but a lot of people are looking for more natural solutions. 

The great thing about CBD oil is that it doesn’t come along with all the undesirable side effects that can make people not want to take prescription drugs. Many anxiety and depression medications can cause decreased libido, insomnia, headaches, and nausea. CBD oils do not, and many users report that it can even help to alleviate these symptoms. 

Scientific research into the use of CBD oils to treat anxiety and depression is still ongoing, but preliminary studies have been very encouraging. Several animal and human studies have seemed to demonstrate that CBD oils could be an effective treatment not only for anxiety and depression, but also for sleep disorders and other psychological and physical ailments. This is largely due to CBD’s antidepressant and antipsychotic effects and its lack of addictive qualities that would make it likely to be abused. 

CBD and Epilepsy Symptoms 

One of the first positive effects noticed in the early days of CBD research was its ability to assuage many of the symptoms of epilepsy. When taken along with a patient’s prescribed medications, CBD has been reported to reduce the frequency and severity of many of these symptoms, including seizures, strange sensations, and muscle rigidity. In fact, one CBD treatment for epilepsy has even been approved by the FDA. 

Among the many properties unique to the CBD compound are its ability to reduce the excitability of certain types of neurons in the brain. The exact causes and effects of this and other benefits of CBD are still undergoing research and human trials before anything can be said definitively, but it would appear as though the use of CBD oil can produce a variety of desirable outcomes for people and animals who suffer from epilepsy. 

Recent studies have indicated that CBD is useful in helping epilepsy patients better tolerate their prescribed medications as well. Many antiseizure medications come with some quite uncomfortable side effects, and CBD has been a cause of much hopefulness in alleviating these effects. 

Reported Pain Management Benefits 

Up to 60% of CBD oil users list pain management as one of the reasons they take it. It is popular with sufferers of chronic pain, arthritic pain, and neuropathic pain, such as the type caused by multiple sclerosis. These types of pain are often treated with opioids, which run a very high risk of developing dependency and addiction. CBD, by contrast, is not prone to abuse or addiction. 

CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in our skin, bodies, and central nervous systems. This means that on a chemical level, it has the potential to affect many processes that affect our health, including emotional and motor responses. 

Although the FDA has not yet approved CBD oil for the treatment of pain in the USA, it is approved for cancer pain in Canada, as well as other countries. It is approved as a treatment for multiple sclerosis in Great Britain. It seems that with further research and sufficient clinical trials, CBD is well on its way to becoming approved for a variety of uses in the United States.


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